Canadian Biosystems Engineering provides a platform for rapid dissemination of novel and high impact research in engineering and biological sciences. The journal interfaces engineering with the biological world and covers wide range of fields including energy, soil and water, power and machinery, bioprocess, information and electrical technologies, food processing, forestry, agricultural structures, bio-nanotechnology and environment with focus on key issues such as environmental sustainability, food security and safety.

The first volume of the journal was published in 1959.  The journal was developed to bring all sectors of sciences and engineering and create a truly international platform to share and discuss significant, novel and high impact research.

Benefits to Authors:

Being an Open Access journal, we provide many author benefits including:

  • We provide a rigorous and rapid peer-reviewed publication process, provided no major revisions are required.
  • Accepted manuscripts are published within 4 weeks after receipt of final version.
  • Free availability of published articles on the Internet ( without any subscription fees in order to reach a large number of readers.
  • Low article processing fee (see below).

List of Section Editors in the Editorial Board

  1. Soil and Water Systems Engineering:  Dr. Prasad Daggupati, U of Guelph
  2. Machinery Systems Engineering:  Dr. Martin Roberge, CNS, SK
  3. Bioprocessing Systems Engineering:  Dr. Manic Annamalai, McGill
  4. Biological Systems Engineering:  Dr. Stefan Cenkowski, U of MB
  5. Building Systems Engineering: Dr. Qiang Zhang, U of MB
  6. Waste Management Engineering: Dr. Grant Clark, McGill
  7. Information Systems Engineering: Dr. Chygyz Erkinbaev, U of MB
  8. Renewable Energy:  Dr. Shahab Sockhansanj, UBC

Managing Editor:

Dr. Ranjan Sri Ranjan
CSBE/SCGAB Managing Editor 
Biosystems Engineering 
E2-376 EITC Building 
University of Manitoba 
Winnipeg MB R3T 5V6 
Tel: 204-474-9344